Before you can begin using a vape the first step is picking one out. This can be accomplished a couple of different ways. You can buy a starter kit that will have everything you will need to start today! Since this is the most straight forward method of beginning we will focus on that.

Now that you have your vape, and you have it all unboxed you’ll find that you have a mod, tank, replacement coils, replacment rubber gaskets, and normally a charging cable. Firstly, you will want to apply whatever ejuice you have on to all of the dry Cotten in your coil. This is known as priming your coil. After you finish priming your coil you will want to assemble your tank by screwing the coil into your tank, and making sure the glass is tight so you will not have leakage. The final step to this stage is filling up the tank with your eliquid, and then screwing the tank into the mod.

You’ve got your vape all assembled, but it’s still not ready to use. This part is the waiting game; you have to let your eliquid soak into the cotten completely. You can speed up this process by dry hitting your vape; you do this by sucking air through the vape without firing it. To be safe you’ll want to wait about thirty minutes to let it completely saturate the cotten. Now that you have your vape cotten saturated you will want to set your mod for the appropriate wattage for your coil. This information is printed right on the coil, and it will have two sets of numbers; the coils range and it’s best range. To start with choose the low end of the best range, and from there work your way up or down to suit your personal preference.

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